Everything you need to know about our CASHBACK system

Colour of Stone offers you an exclusive bonus system with CASHBACK. CASHBACK is a free “money back” programme. The advantage of CASHBACK at Colour of Stone is that you receive it immediately in your shopping basket. Prerequisite is a purchase over EUR 2.000,00 incl. VAT.

There are neither discount cards nor point systems at Colour of Stone. We do not credit your purchase to a virtual account. At Colour of Stone you get your CASHBACK amount deducted immediately.

The advantages of CASHBACK at Colour of Stone are enormous: we do not deduct vouchers from orders for sample tiles. These vouchers are only deducted after CASHBACK. The value of your cashback is calculated from the gross shopping basket. Flat-rate freight charges are not included in the shopping basket for the bonus system. This means that you can shop with us with peace of mind.

With a shopping cart incl. VAT of EUR 2,000.00 or more, you will receive a CASHBACK of EUR 50.00, which is immediately visible. Your amount will be adjusted immediately. The CASHBACK increases by EUR 50.00 for every EUR 1,000.00 gross value of goods. This means that with a gross value of goods of EUR 5,000.00 you will immediately receive a CASHBACK of EUR 200.00. This is a saving of 4%. If you still have a voucher for sample tiles, this will also be applied subsequently.

Value of goods
(incl. VAT)
from 2.000,00€50,00€
from 3.000,00€100,00€
from 4.000,00€150,00€
from 5.000,00€200,00€
from 6.000,00€250,00€
from 7.000,00€300,00€
from 8.000,00€350,00€
from 9.000,00€400,00€
from 10.000,00€450,00€
from 11.000,00€500,00€
+ 1.000,00 €+ 50,00€