There are a few things to consider when laying natural stone tiles or marble tiles. In addition to the professional component for the installation, a few things should be considered, such as:

On which subfloor will the marble tiles be laid?

Is the subfloor level or does it need to be levelled?

What method will be used to lay the marble tiles?

What format and surface do the tiles have?

Deciding how the floor structure must be, whether a primer is necessary, which laying method to use, whether and how to level out unevenness, all this can be read in the user information of well-known manufacturers for laying.

Very good information on all aspects of tile and natural stone technology is provided by PCI, a company based in Augsburg.
PCI Augsburg GmbH has been a leading manufacturer of construction chemical products for 70 years.

The decision for an appropriate manufacturer is certainly not easy. There are many good products in a very large market. It is important to make sure that these products are compatible with each other and suitable for laying natural stone tiles in one’s own environment.

Many manufacturers offer service areas on their homepage for answers to questions, information on products and downloads. These sources of information should be used.